"The best part is that it feels like something you'd need to go to Chicago for, but it's right here in town!" -Ryan, audience member

Here's the deal: Twice a year, we put on a comedy show at the Little Theatre in LaPorte. It's a 21+ show with a full bar, bad words, and amazing talent from all over the country. You buy a ticket (normally 15 bucks), you have a couple of cocktails, you laugh your booty off, and you go home (or to the after party). Oh, by the way...ALL proceeds go to charity. AND NOW, Big Comedy has grown and is responsible for some of the biggest charity events to ever hit LaPorte. 700 people filled the Civic Auditorium for a trivia event, and we threw a 1980's Prom that was F'ing RADICAL! We aren't slowing down! November 4th and December 1st of 2017 we have events planned, so mark your calendars!!

So far, the 8 sold out shows, two trivia nights, and an 80's Prom have raised over $51,000 to local charities. "Pshh, I don't believe you." -you, being kind of a jerk. Yeah, it's true. $2,140 to the Salvation Army's backpack program:

$2,925 to the State Street Food Pantry:

The headline was a little misleading as this check went to the food pantry, and the firefighters' show was next

$3,416 to the Firefighters' charities: Hoosier Burn Camp, The Burned Out Family Fund, The Red Cross, and more. (we didn't snap a pic of that check exchange, probably because the afterparty with firefighters lasts a LONG time) 



$3,500 To the Little Theatre itself:


Ben has lost weight since this photo was taken, he swears.

We've been quite busy since these photos were snapped with 6 shows total (ALL SOLD OUT) at the Little Theatre, as well as three huge events at the Civic so far:

We held an "Inappropriate Trivia" night at the Civic Auditorium in LaPorte...
We weren't sure if we could sell out 66 tables of 10 people...
Fortunately, 700+ people decided to make that happen!




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